Dedicated ServersDedicated Servers

Vesign Solution's dedicated servers are perfect for those who have outgrown a shared or virtual environment. Our dedicated servers allow your power hungry website(s) to utilise 100% of the servers CPU & RAM to give them that extra bit of horse power!

We understand that every individuals needs are different, so we offer a wide range of dedicated servers; from our entry level series consisting of low end Celeron’s and Sempron’s to our enterprise series consisting of Dual Xeon’s and Dual Opteron’s.

Entry Level

Intel Celeron Series
AMD Sempron Series


Intel Pentium 4 Series
AMD Athlon Series


Intel Dual Xeon Series
AMD Dual Opteron Series

If you are looking for Dedicated Web Hosting, give us a call! We can talk with you to see exactly what solutions you need, and provide you a n affordable quote!